Our Mission is to create an African arts experience and programmes celebrating the continent, reviving and instilling the pride of being an African. To create a leading Durban tourist destination. To offer quality festivals that will be the gathering of Africa to showcase, exchange and grow together in arts, culture and heritage.

Latest Events


Directed by Jerry Pooe and choreographed by Reggie Danster

A theatre piece about people trapped in a refugee camp reduced to a statistic. It takes the audience through the victims’ journey that reflects their personal stories expressing their pain, sadness, soul-searching and hope; questioning and exploring the power of religion and spirituality.

Cetshwayo, the Musical

Directed by Jerry Pooe

The production tells of the Zulus’ heroic resistance against English and Welsh regiments during running Anglo-Zulu battles and the victory that inspired the pride of the nation, after challenging blazing guns with only spears in the real-life David-versus-Goliath story. The story is told through multimedia, song, dance, dialogue and storytelling.

Let My People Go Musical

The musical is based on the book of the same title written by Inkosi Albert Luthuli. Pooe tells the powerful historical story through an eclectic mix of multimedia, music, song and vibrant dance.The story is not just about Luthuli’s contribution to the Struggle, but it also highlights significant events in his life and his roles as a freedom fighter, traditional leader, teacher, family man, preacher, president of the ANC, trade unionist and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

No Kidding

Directed by Jerry Through movement, dance, musical and dialogue, No Kidding is a colourful and spectacular two-woman education production that explores the life of a vulnerable child who is subjected to abuse by her father.

No Kidding equips children with the skills to speak out, as well as outlines avenues where they can get help in the face of abuse from people they trust.

No Tears

No Tears deals with the life and times of 19-year old Andrew Zondo who was hanged for admitting to planting a bomb in a rubbish bin at the Sanlam Centre in Amanzimtoti on 23 December 1985.

The youngster was reacting to the Apartheid regime’s raid on Lesotho, in which nine people were killed.